Thyrone Magloire

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Thyrone Magloire was born and raised in Curaçao. His father is from Dominica and his mother is from St. Kitts, forming a bond of three beautiful islands in the Caribbean. He completed his Bachelor of Science at the Haagsche Hogeschool in the Hague, the Netherlands, majoring in Technical Business Administration and his MBA at the former University of the Netherlands Antilles (now the University of Curaçao). He is married and has two children. He was called to follow Jesus in the year 2000 and is now the chairman of the Kingdom Ambassador Institute.


Starting as a temporary worker in the planning department of maintenance of municipal coaches at the Municipal Transport Company (Gemeente Vervoerbedrijf) of Amsterdam, the Netherlands mr. Magloire left the company as a logistics manager responsible for over 10 million (down from 25 million) Dutch Guilders in warehouse stock. 

As a logistics manager at the telecommunications company of Curaçao (Setel N.V.) mr. Magloire contributed to a better management of the budget of the technical department by reorganizing the warehouse and implementing an ERP system (SAP) for warehousing and purchasing. Being also responsible for the fleet of vehicles of the company he introduced fuel efficient vehicles and reduced the fuel consumption with about NAfl 200.000 per year.

As a public servant mr. Magloire was co-organizer of two major conferences on international trade titled “Stepping stone to a balanced international trade policy” (2004) and “Reaching out to the Caribbean” (2005). These conferences provided the building blocks for a comprehensive trade policy which reached its first milestone on March 3rd, 2020, when the General Council of the WTO accepted the petition of Curaçao to become an independent member of the WTO. In doing so Curaçao is now the first OCT country to start the accession process to become a full independent member of the WTO. Mr. Magloire was the secretary of the Permanent Commission of International Trade and Foreign Economic Relations, which is responsible for all international trade negotiations.

As a small business consultant Mr. Magloire gave advice to small businesses and made bible based business plans. One of these business plans was for a foundation that has the objective to transport physically handicaped persons at a price of just above a normal bus fee. The vision that was developed was to provide mobility to disabled people so that they can participate in normal social life. Based on the business plan the foundation grew from 1 bus to 5 busses in 5 years. Nevertheless, Mr. Magloire also had his share of failures, giving him a better understanding of the entrepreneur in a very competitive market and also seeing the value of a solid business vision and discipline.

As a follower of Christ Mr. Magloire organized fasting and prayer events against the abuse of children. Since 2017, as the chairman of the Kingdom Ambassador Institute. he is also the organizer of the monthly praise and worship event in the center of town in Curaçao including the participation of churches on the island. For more than five years he has formed and educated many in following Christ and being successful in their life.