Enrico Lai

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The founder of the company, Enrico Lai, was borne and raised on the beautiful island of Curaçao, located in the Caribbean near the upper west coast of Venezuela. He completed high school in 1984, his Bachelor of Science at the Iowa State University, Ames Iowa, in 1988 and his Master in Business Administration at the University of New Haven in Connecticut,1991. Called by God to return to the land of my elders he returned to Curaçao in 1991. He started his professional career as a marketing assistant and climbed the ladder to become marketing manager and eventually a business unit manager in the telecommunication industry. He got married in 1995 and brought up two children in Christ Jesus. In 2009 he decided to follow his desire to become an entrepreneur. During his experience in the telecom industry Mr. Lai continued to develop his knowledge and abilities in telecommunication strategy and technology / ICT, management, leadership, project management and Google services for work. The company is an approved Google re-seller and Mr. Lai is a certified G Suite administrator and certified at Level 1 & 2 Google for Education. Mr. Lai is in the process of completing his certification to be a certified trainer for Google for Education. He calls himself a continuous learner, never an expert, and would like to encourage this attitude towards learning in everyone.


  • As a manager in the telecommunication industry, Mr. Lai had a major contribution in the exponential growth of telecom services penetration on the Dutch Caribbean islands. He contributed to the growth of the mobile phone business for the incumbent company, in a market of 4 islands, from less than 300 connected phones to more than 150,000. He also was a contributor to making data communication technology and services ubiquitous on the island of Curacao. Increasing a turn over of less than 100,000 a year, in the 1990's, to more than 7 million a year after introducing the first digital leased line services.

  • As an entrepreneur Mr. Lai has had his share of success and failures. Therefore he understands what entrepreneurs go through and can advise on how to prevent pitfalls while choosing the most successful path to accomplishing business goals.

  • Developed and implemented, business plans, financial models, strategic plans for businesses in the areas of restaurants, cosmetics, forensic documentation, franchising, hotel, real estate, process improvements, ICT project management and more.

  • As a follower of Christ and philanthropist Mr. Lai has been involved in helping individuals, ministries and other non-profits get established and grow for more than 25 years.

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