Business Development Services

Business Planning

Our business planning process is a comprehensive exercise to prepare business owners for their journey to success. This process is like a virtual implementation (Dress Rehearsal) to prove feasibility and prepare for implementation while minimizing risk.

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Our business plans usually contain but are not limited to the following sections:

Executive Summary:

  • Introduction / Business Description

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Objectives

  • Business Analysis

  • Conclusions

Marketing Strategy

  • Market Analysis

  • Positioning

  • Pricing

  • Promotion

  • Packaging & Distribution

Operational Strategy

  • Process Analysis

  • Operational Structure Design

  • Resource (HR) Planning

Technology Strategy

  • Requirements Analysis

  • Statement of requirements / Check List

  • Research & Recommendations

Financial Strategy

  • Statement of requirements

  • Financial Analysis / Financial Business Modeling

  • Strategic Recommendations

Marketing Planning

We can develop an extensive or simple marketing plan for you and additionally provide implementation as project managers. Our marketing services include both traditional marketing and social media marketing.

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Marketing Plan content may contain but is not limited to the following:

Positioning Strategy

  • Statement of USP's (Unique Selling Propositions)

  • Product / Market Differentiation

Pricing Strategy

  • Not only initial, launch, pricing but also price adjustment proposition over time to maximize revenue and positively influence the product lifecycle.

Place/Placement Distribution Strategy

  • Strategy on how to best get the product or service to the market.


  • Strategy on how to best encapsulate the service or product for delivery to the market / customer.


  • Promotional strategy on how to effectively and efficiently communicate the brand awareness and sales to the market in order to quickly reach critical mass and thrust revenue to surpass breakeven as quickly as possible.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning service consist of using forecasting models to predict revenues, costs and financial results, risks for business or specific products/services. We make use of Microsoft Excel and or Google Sheets.

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Financial Business Modeling

  • We can provide the financial modeling for:

  • A complete business

  • A specific sub-business division

  • A product or service for cost-, retail pricing purposes.

A complete financial business model usually contains the following:

  • Revenue forecasting

  • Operational cost forecasting (OPEX)

  • Capital Expenditure forecasting (CAPEX)

  • Loan calculations

  • Profit & Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • Cash Flow


  1. In addition to the above we also provide assistance to submit and present applications for financing to local banks and financial institutions.

  2. Also we can provide reference to our tax and accounting consultants which do provide services such as: Tax advisory, bookkeeping, payroll and accounting.

Project Management

We can manage projects using recognized standards and or adapt to our clients specific needs, as project advisers, coordinators, managers and or execution team members.

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We usually make use of the following standard project management processes that may contain but are not limited to:


  • Idea/product/service definition

  • Define goals & Objectives

  • Develop feasibility study


  • Develop desired timeline with all stake holders

  • Develop budget plan

  • Develop resource plan


  • Provide directives for implementation to all teams/members

  • Implement planned tasks/steps according to timeline

Monitoring & Controlling

  • Monitor progress against goals and objectives

  • Control / implement adjustments to execution to minimize deviation and risks

  • Periodic reporting


  • Clean up all lose ends.

  • Archive documentation

  • Hand over to operations

  • Project completion success celebration

Note: We have more than xxx years of experience, including making use of several project mangament software such as; Trello, MS Project, MindManager.

International Trade Advisory

International Trade is one of the key elements for business development and growth. With at least 10 years of experience in the international trade arena we can assist you in finding your way in the myriad of government and WTO rules and regulations and the use of government sponsored tools from among others the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO)).

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We make use of the following tools and concepts to help you develop your international trade:

The 7 W’s Of Wisdom - Business Development Canvas

  • What is to be done?

  • Who is involved?

  • When will it happen?

  • Where will it happen?

  • HoW to solve the problem?

  • Why is it important? - The reason/motivation

  • The Wisdom - The Wisdom ties all the W’s together.

Export development canvas

  • Needs Assessment

  • Catering to the needs

  • International Value Proposition

  • Competitive Advantage Analysis

  • Buyer’s Profile

  • Export Key Performance Indicators

  • Client Contact Points

  • Cost Structure

  • Revenue Streams

  • Export Strategy

  • Export vision per country

  • Testimonials

Innovation Strategy & Planning

This is one of the toughest business management tasks, to create a company that continuously improves and innovates to remain relevant and growing for many years. This is one of our strong assets as business consultants with a proven track record of experience in this area.

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The process we implement may or may not consist of the following:

Stimulate Inspiration

This may be achieved by:

  • Questioning the status quo

  • Challenge mindsets

  • Promote dreaming beyond the normal (existing)

  • Encourage looking at the simple and the obvious which is not yet implemented

Cultivate Dreamers (thinkers)

  • Separate dreamers and provide them with a stimulating environment (challenges)

  • Set no boundaries and break comfort zones with unexpected target and goals

Develop Ideas

  • Articulate ideas to make the idea visual/imaginable

  • Present to believers and naysayers/sceptics for feedback

  • Develop preliminary feasibility with pro's, con's, risks, benefits

Product / Service Development (R&D)

We guide and support our customers in the development process or take their idea all the way to the finish line for them.

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In general we make use of the following process:

Idea Generation

  • From rough idea to brainstorming to refined concept


  • Research competitive landscape and product/service viability


  • Develop a plan for creation including sketches/illustration and raw mock-ups


  • Develop sample to be used for pre-sale and mass production.


  • Seek vendors for materials

  • Seek production and delivery partners


  • Detailed cost calculations to determine cost price and derived retail price (MSRP)


  • Launching and marketing developed product/service onto the market(s)

Market and or Subject Matter Research

To research or not to research is never the question. Even simple start-ups require some basic research to increase their chances of success. Information is valuable and necessary to make informed decisions.

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This is one of the most overlooked but also most expensive steps in business development, even when conducted by the entrepreneur themselves to limit cash outflow. It requires time, accuracy and has to provide a complete as possible picture.

The process of conducting research and producing useful information may consist of but is not limited to the following process steps:

Define Problem / Need

  • Define why we need the information and what is to be known to draw conclusions from

Chose methodology to accomplish set goal

  • Chose which research methodology is required to obtain necessary information. It can be one or more methods such as:

    • Survey

    • Focus Group

    • Observation / Mystery shopping

    • Field Trials

    • Personal Interviews

    • Desk, field and or lab (Discovery or Prototyping) research especially for subject matter research or development

Conduct Research (Information Gathering)

  • Execute the market research as designed

  • Collect and organize/clean the information for analysis

Result Analysis

  • Analyze the results and report

  • Depending on the methodologies used and information gathered, software tools may be used.


  • Draw conclusions based on information results


  • Make next step recommendation, actions to be taken and or strategies to be implemented based on drawn conclusions and experience.

Note: Due to the costly nature of research we take time to discuss details with the customer and the customer has to sign off on a contract which will include partial payment in advance with periodic installments till the research is completed.

Interim Management

This is a very limited service we provide and can only be provided after stringent evaluation of availability of resources and conditions/requirements.