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Business Development Services

Business Planning:

You can trust us to write you an elaborate business plan or just a simple executive summary.

Business Planning


We have more than 20 years of experience in Marketing Strategic Planning and the usage of innovative/creative ideas to differentiate product and or services to be competitive in the marketplace. Our creativity and innovative thinking is applied in all important areas of marketing: Product, Pricing, Placement, and Promotion.


Financial Planning:

We can build you a custom Financial Predictive Model that suites your specific requirements. This includes providing you with the flexibility to change parameters and evaluate different scenarios on demand by changing sales volume, pricing, seasonality, growth rate and or other market conditions.

Financial Planning

Project Management:

From our years of experience we can assist in planning and implementing any project, large or small. We can manage any phase of a project, from planning, to execution, to completion. We are used to working and collaborating in a variety of environments/industries and with varying digital tools.

Project Management


Our years of experience with and in logistics gives us the necessary insight to understand your logistics challenges and help you to overcome them.

No matter what your need please contact us for a free intake meeting. We can help you in any area of logistics, including but not limited to:

  • Import / Export Strategy

  • Warehousing Strategy & Planning

  • Transportation Planning and Implementation

  • Logistics Strategic Planning

  • Logistics Communication Strategy (ICT)

International Trade

Export strategy: from idea inception to commercialization we help you to develop your export strategy end-to-end. WTO and National Export Strategy is music to our ears because we were at the cradle of its development and birth in Curaçao.

Conformity assessment: With our knowledge of the NQP/I we can guide you through the process of conformity assessment to comply with the market with regards to the health and safety of users and consumers.

Network: we have a vast network of contacts in the private and in government sector to get the answers and solutions you need for your business development.

Rules of Origin: One of the main aspects of international trade, especially within the context of bi-lateral trade agreements, is the Rules of Origin. We can guide you through the process of acquiring a status of product of origin for your products and services to ensure successful market launch.

Education & Training

  • Training and support is available for any google software/app solutions you purchase from UPTODATE.

  • We provide customized training to individuals who want to increase their proficiency in using Google apps for their business needs.

  • We also provide support and or personalized training of the following software:

    • Office 365

    • Google Classroom

    • Quickbooks / Wave Accounting

We provide coaching and personalized training on all subjects we provide service in.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding our services and or coaching and training needs.

We also coach students with their final thesis and prepare for their final presentation.

Google Workspace

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The information provided with regards to our products and services is subject to change. Please contact us for more detailed up to date information.